Your life trends

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All your life trends run from the past through the present into the future.

Only today you can influence the trend development, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

With iTrendUp you can improve all your life trends!

Achieve your goals

Trends develop day by day: better or constant or worse.

Trend arrow:
red down, yellow steady and green up.

Receive your successes

The secret of success is continuity:
Achieve your goals not only today, but also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Achieved goals can only be maintained for the long term through constant control!

Show your trends to your partner, friends, coaches, therapists, doctors

in their iTrendUp app or in Facebook and Instagram

Let others help you achieve your goals

Increase the success of partnerships, therapies, coaching and training with iTrendUp

iTrendUp costs

The use of the iTrendUp is basically free of charge and free of advertising. Up to three trends can be released to other iTrendUp users free of charge; from the 4th released trend, each trend release costs 4.99 euros. Trend releases from up to three iTrendUp users can be accepted free of charge. The iTrendUp Pro subscription is required for 4 or more approved users; this costs 29 euros per month in advance. The Pro version is suitable as a monitoring system for professional therapists, coaches and doctors.

iTrendUp high security

User data is guaranteed not to be passed on to third parties. The trend data are only stored fully end-to-end encrypted on the iTrendUp server. The complex iTrendUp data encryption is carried out with the password assigned by the user; it is strongly recommended to use a longer, very secure password. Even iTrendUp employees and administrators are unable to take note of the trend data, the password is only saved locally.

ITrendUp works so easy

Simply select a trend from the templates that you want to observe or improve or create your own trend. Enter the trend data on your mobile device regularly, preferably daily, e.g. the weight. The iTrendUp app shows you the trend development graphically by days, weeks, months, etc.: better, constant or worse.

Improve your results with the trend sharing option: Consult with a friend, partner, therapist, doctor, trainer, coach about which trends make sense to be followed. You can share individual trends with someone else, who can support you with text or voice messages in the positive trend development.