Add trend values

1. Quick entry - Simple and easy!

To open the quick entry, tap check in the navigation bar of trend. Add a trend value and save by check.

Then the trend will be recalculated and you can read off the actual state based on the arrow direction / tile color.

2. Entries in the trend view - Direct evaluation after every entry!

To get an overview of the last 3 days, weeks, months, etc., tap the trend view icon in the navigation bar oft he trend tile.

To enter a value, tap check.

Here you can optionally enter a remark and attach a photo in addition to the trend value.

After saving, the tendency of the trend will be recalculated. Based on the arrows and colors you can read the trend development and the actual state directly in this view.

3. Trend data list - All entries in on overview!

To enter trend values to the trend data list, open it tapping the list icon in the navigation bar of the trend tile and tap Add entry there. The entered values will be displayed right away in chronological order.